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concrete pool deck in binghamton, ny
stamped concrete pool deck in binghamton, ny
Resurface Your Concrete

Fascinating advances have been made in the concrete industry.  Skilled concrete contractors have the ability to resurface deteriorated concrete surfaces.  Modified concrete overlayments have been chemically formulated to bond to your existing concrete.  This means we can take your plain old deteriorated concrete surface and resurface it to look even better than it did when it was first installed years ago.

Combining these new overlayments with decorative concrete practices can give you the look of slate, brick, stone, or tile.  This can be done at a fraction of what it would cost you to remove and replace that old concrete surface.

Picturing a concrete walkway on top of your cabinets?  Very common misconception about concrete.  Concrete can be made to be soft and elegant for use in you kitchen and bathroom.  Nothing like what you're used to in the outdoors.  Chances are you've probably already seen a concrete countertop and didn't even know it.

Because of special concrete mix designs, skilled concrete contractors are able to build a tough and strong countertop that still maintains a soft feel and an elegant look.  Concrete countertops are one of the fastest growning trends in the kitchen and bath industry.

concrete countertop in binghamton, ny
concrete floor in binghamton ny
stamped concrete floor in binghamton, ny

Don't have concrete where you want it?  a new concrete slab can be installed wherever you want it to go.  Whether it be a pool deck, patio, walkway, driveway, or any other concrete surface, we handle everything from the excavation to the finished product.

Concrete is one of the hardest, strongest, most durable products in the construction industry.  That's why it's been trusted in and around structures for hundreds of years.  Every year they come out with new and better ways to utilize concrete as a decoratve yet structural construction material.

Vertical Concrete

I'm sure you already know contractors have been using concrete in vertical applications for years.  It is used in new construction foundations, structural building walls, and retaining walls as well as putting a concrete surface over the exterior facade of a building. 

What you probably didn't know is that  skilled decorative concrete contractors are using lightweight vertical concrete overlayments to imitate stone, brick, tile, and even wood on exterior and interior building walls.  Now, imagine you can have the appearance of beatuiful natural stone with the strength of concrete.

concrete wall in binghamton, ny
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